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Bronson Speed ​​Co. G3 bearings are made to absorb every possible impact, even lateral without major problems and to withstand even the most extreme skateboarding without problems. Their design improves lubrication and makes them look good. In combination with abrasion protection and “balls out” technology. More than two years of testing and development have been put into G3, chances are you won’t be disappointed. These G3 ball bearings are durable and perfectly protected against dirt and dust. Due to their design they must be mounted with the orange and black side towards the outside of the wheel.

The latest in NHS Bronson Speed ​​is a brand dedicated to the production of bearings. Known for its Shieldless Bearing, unparalleled speed and unmistakable noise, Santa Cruz’s bearings in less than two years have become the most sought after skateboard pads globally.

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  • two removable no-contact rubber protectors for easier cleaning and less friction
  • high speed “balls out” container for greater speed and less friction
  • lubricated with oil and additives that resist rust, humidity, corrosion and oxidation for a prolonged life
  • packaged in a shrink wrap filled with nitrogen – reduces oxidation of metal and oil until first use
  • Max Impact Cage Design the special non-deforming cage keeps the balls at the right distance and allows the oil to circulate to perfection inside
  • Balls-Out-Technology eliminates contact between the protective shield and the cage during impacts
  • low friction for greater speed
  • 8 Bronson Speed ​​Co. G3 bearings
  • four spacers 8 mm x 10 mm
  • eight washers
  • Free stickers with this item

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