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Revolution at the Bronson Speed Co: RAW Bearings make noise!

Skateboarding has a lot to do with, well, vibes, right? Sometimes it’s the little things: a grind on a rough curb….the sound of bearings without shields whooshing over concrete. That’s right, Bronson wanted to make some noise and just released new bearings that come without shields!

The sound of these bearings is particularly intense and loud. Even though there are no shields, there are no grooves, either, meaning that dust and dirt won’t build up on them. The cage is made out of a fiberglass-filled nylon, making them practically indestructible. That gives high-speeds and loud sounds the green light! We know, we’ve already got them in our setup. No, really. Why do you think skaters like Ishod Wair swear by the Bronson Speed Co.?!

Time has expired for fidget spinners, Bronson Speed Co. RAW Bearings are taking over! These great next generation bearings make every skateboarder’s heart beat faster since they have no axle shields, which creates a nice sound. Furthermore, they are tungsten-coated which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. The single bearing cages consist of nylon filled with fiber glass so there is no need to be afraid of bigger impact forces.

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– shieldless bearings
– tungsten-coated races
– mac impact cage
– deep groove raceways
– audible speed technology


– plastic box
– 8 Bronson Speed Co. RAW Bearings

Bronson Speed Co Raw Skateboard Bearings

Features :

Skateboarding’s first shield free design bearings, super fast sound and spin.

Includes Micro-thin tungsten dry lubricant that is non-stick to minimize dirt.

Maximum impact cage design making them one of the strongest skateboard bearings on the market. 

Packaged in nitrogen filled casing to reduce metal and oil oxidation until ready to be ridden.

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