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Big news and technologies in these bearings BRONSON SPEED CO. RAW, revolution at full volume with the BRONSON SPEED CO. RAW BEARINGS. The new DAVID GRAVETTE Pro model is now available in our online skate shop with free shipping in Italy.

No need to explain that skateboarding is in many ways a continuous research and development of increasingly competitive products. And it is often the details that make the difference of ball bearings. These Bronson Speed ​​Co. without the rings that cover the cage with the balls inserted in a special Max Impact Cage Design cage, a special cage that keeps the balls at the right distance and allows the oil to circulate to perfection inside it is a novelty in the skateboarding sector.

As a result, these RAW ball bearings have a particularly intense and noisy sound. The bearings are structured so that, despite the absence of protections, there is no accumulation of dust and dirt. The cage of the individual spheres is made of nylon filled with fiberglass, which makes them virtually indestructible. And so, speed and sound are at their best! Team riders like Ishod Wair swear that they are the best pad for skateboarding competitions!

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  • the first impact pad designed for skateboarding competitions
  • no shield groove in either lane to avoid friction, super fast
  • the micro-thin lubricant coating based on tungsten is fast and to minimize dirt, dust and the formation of granules of dirt
  • the tungsten coating is an extremely slippery dry film lubricant with low resistance and low friction coefficient
  • fully open, high spin and free shield – RAW are designed to improve the sound of speed
  • super sturdy, resistant, without distortion, in fiberglass filled in a Max Impact Cage Design nylon cage to maintain the accuracy of spaced spheres
  • high resistance to wear and tear, better performance and greater resistance to dust and dirty environment
  • the balls roll deeper into the Deep Groove channels of new and technological headphones
  • dramatically reduces axial and angular damage and breakage, surfaces remain perfect and fast
  • 100% lubricated with the micro-gloss and ultrasonic solvent applied 3 times before the final packaging
  • BRONSON SPEED CO. RAW are packed in nitrogen filled packages – reduces oxidation of metal and oil until it is ready for use
  • free shipping in Italy in 24 / h *
  • Free stickers with this item

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