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Grizzly Goofy Bear Cut-Out Griptape Black micro perforated

No matter how good your deck is, without grip tape it’s pretty useless. Good thing the Grizzly Goofy Bear Cut-Out griptape exists then! There’s even a bear cut out of it. Awesome! This grip tape will make your flip tricks a whole load easier so you can push your tech skills to the limit.Grizzly Griptape is a leading provider of premium griptape. They use a long lasting glue that outdoes all the others. Some might say it has the perfect grit, texture and smooth cutting.

Sheet of Grizzly Bear Cut Out Goofy Griptape, perforated to keep bubbles away, hard wearing and grippy.

Size – 9 x 33 Inch

Color – Black

Grizzly Goofy Bear Cut-Out Griptape Nero microforato

Grizzly Griptape con il suo orso ,Grizzly Cut Out Goofy ,fatto appositamente per tutti gli skaters Goofy, questo Griptape mostra che la qualità è importante anche quando si tratta di fogli di griptape. Questo griptape impressiona non solo per  una grande presa, ma qualità e resistenza hanno fatto grande questo griptape con orso . Paul Rodriguez e Torey Pudwill sono supporter del nastro Grizzly.

Dimensioni: 9 “x 33”

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