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JART FREDDY 8.5 “ with this deck the brand JART SKATEBOARDS has really hit the mark !!! He is the character Freddy Krueger serial killer of the movie Nightmare !! A film that has shocked many, a cult of the genre Horror, with its scenes Trash !!

Jart is now very famous and established all over the world as a brand, which offers high quality deck skaters like this JART FREDDY 8.5 “deck. The POOL SERIES boards with medium concave and Old School shapes are designed specifically for those skaters looking for a deck to dart into the Bowls or pools.

This board was made of 7 layers of the best hard maple, in a medium concave shape and pressed individually with the formula 2XS glue. Great pop and durability.

JART FREDDY 8.5 “is offered by CONTAMINED SKATE SHOP with Jessup Grip Tribute and Shipping in Italy for free in 24h * !!


  • 8.50 “width
  • length 32 “
  • wheelbase 14.2 “
  • nose 7.12 “
  • tail 6:55 “
  • complimentary Jessup griptape included
  • free shipping in Italy 24 / H
  • medium concave
  • shape old school shape
  • 7-ply Hardrock maple construction
  • 2XS ecological glue for a lot of pop
  • pool series series
  • Freddy Krueger graphics
  • stickers included as a gift

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