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Directly from the Macba Museum / Barcelona here is MOSAIC SQ MACBALIFE 52MM 102A, directly from the most famous street spot in Spain, hard, fast, full conical shape with high quality urethane but at a fair price to have you too a wheel with a rigid inner core which eliminates the stretching of the same core and increases the speed of the wheel. Enjoy this high quality urethane formula and forget other wheels. Super light wight throught for a perfect performance in street spots. Mosaic Company, a famous European brand all over the world, offers you MOSAIC SQ MACBALIFE 52MM 102A

Mosaic Company has a wide range in all areas of skateboarding, offering many high quality items. Maximum speed for your skate with the Mosaic Ceramic bearings. Wheels with the best feeling underfoot built with excellent Urethane.
Indestructible bolts. 100% quality that offers a great guarantee of high quality on the items produced.

Mosaic Company also has a Skate Team with great skaters like Jesús Fernandez, Tyler Surrey, Javier Sarmiento, Madars Apse, Erick J. Petterson, Alain Goikoetxea and many others.

MOSAIC SQ MACBALIFE 52MM 102A is sold by Contamined Skate Shop with Free Shipping in Italy.


  • diameter 52mm
  • width 30mm
  • contact patch 18mm
  • hardness 102A
  • white color – mimetic
  • full conical form
  • mixes with high quality Urethane
  • designed for a long-lasting speed and a controllable slide
  • free shipping in Italy 24h *
  • free stickers
  • This wide-shaped wheel shape is made with a polypropylene mold and preheated to 50ºC. The urethane is polymerized at a low temperature in the furnace with 12% of resilience liquid and 14% of ether.


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