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Guaranteed speed! Flying out of the laboratory on the streets and beyond, with the OJ WHEELS MARTINEZ ELITE 99A 55MM you can rest easy, nothing can stop you, Elite Urethane compound that guarantees more speed, a longer lasting roll, Full-Conical shape, increased tread for greater grip, with a 99A hardness and a true demon graphics.

If you are a skateboarder and are looking for more speed, greater grip and high performance, you will want the “Smoke Bros” OJ WHEELS MARTINEZ ELITE 99A 55MM wheel, created on the new and updated Hard-Line shape, wheels skate with OJ Wheels’ All Terrain profile with Urethane of the highest quality for competitions.

Ride Everything seems to be OJ’s motto. Brand of wheels originated almost 40 years ago as a “rib” of Santa Cruz Skateboards, today OJ produces the widest variety of Skateboard Wheels that can be found on the market. Exclusive compounds, unmistakable graphics, an impressive variety of sections and different hardnesses of urethane offer a range of wheels that covers every possible need from the street, to the park and passing through the curves in the bowl.

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  • height 55 mm
  • tread 20.79 mm
  • width 34.02 mm
  • durometer 99A
  • White color
  • conical shape OJ Hardline wider surface, greater resistance and control
  • special shape All Terrain for any terrain and skate park
  • Urethane Elite Formula for greater speed and longevity
  • pro model Milton Martinez
  • free shipping in Italy in 24 / h *
  • free stickers with this article

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