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Not only do they have one of the best teams and they run a program to give back to the community stimuli and interest in skateboards, but they have also intensified the reduction of the environmental impact, using only non-toxic adhesive resins. REAL WAIR HIGH NOON 8.25 “is made with high production standards and accurate controls, these decks are always ultra-resistant like all other decks made by the Real Skateboards brand, synonymous with high quality for years!

In 1991 Real Skateboards was born. Immediately offering excellent quality and excellent tables. The idea of ​​the project is simple and perfect in simplicity. Creating a true skateboarding company run by skaters to promote a passion for skateboarding, in short Real is for real skateboarders. With an ultra-strong team with excellent world-class skaters such as Tommy Guerrero, Jim Thiebaud, James Kelch, Salman Agah, Max Schaaf and Keith Hufnagel, Ishod Wair, Zion Wright and Kyle Walker. Real is designed with skateboarding in mind.

This is a highly professional, high quality quality skateboard deck, which is built with the best Canadian maple wood in 7 standard layers and the Twin Tail shape. The Twin Tail shape is designed by the same Ishod and is designed to have an identical tail and nose perfectly symmetrical.

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  • width 8.25 “
  • length 31.8 “
  • wheelbase 14.33 “
  • nose 6.625 “
  • tail 6.625 “
  • concave medium
  • twin tail shape
  • symmetrical shape with identical nose and tail
  • construction R1
  • 7-layer Canadian maple construction
  • two X-layers make each board stiff and strong with enough flex for maximum pop and responsiveness
  • true universal special press method to guarantee the ideal concave for each table
  • Decks pressed one by one
  • Ishod Wair pro model
  • free shipping in Italy 24h *
  • Jessup grip tape free
  • free stickers

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